Nancy DeGuapa
Dark Soul
1 min read
1, 2, 3...

One... Two... Three...
My heartbeat slows with each count
As I lay face-up on the ground.
No, I'm not staring at the ceiling;
But I'm staring
At flashing images of my ill-designed life.
Two windows and a door open wide,
But I dare not go through.
Here in my ventilated room
Do I become intolerant of oxygen.
One... Two... Three
My heart beats faster with each count.
Time flies, not waiting for me to take hold.
I've got options:
To go beyond these walls
Or to remain captive to fear.
Oh, the fear of what's out there!
With lightning speed, I spring to my feet
One... Two... Three... I count
Slamming the windows and the door.

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